Saturday, March 25, 2017

270th Post

Few days ago, I suppose to attend a meeting in London but I could not travel due to work. I opted for a web-conferencing with the other apprentice colleagues. It was easy to do web-conferencing but I faced a problem. The connection was disconnected few times. Half way through, so sudden I heard the siren. The meeting was on hold as they need to change the venue. There was an attack at the nearby. I was so lucky that I do not attend the meeting there. Honestly, the world is getting worst. I hope the peace will restore back soon. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lunar New Year 2017

I had a good break on last week Lunar New Year celebration. It was a memorable celebration. I had a KFC for my reunion dinner for the first time. Haha!

I went to the Pearl of the Orient on the third day. It was an annual trip, to visit my relatives there. I was sad when I reached the Gurney Drive. There is a huge development there. Land reclamation is on going. No more nice sea view to see.

When I reached back to KL, I met my old friends, ex-schoolmates, ex-unimates and ex-colleagues in different time. It was not easy to make an arrangement with them but I am glad that in the end we still can meet up. Most of them changed in a way. Time flies fast. 1 week off is not sufficient for me. 

Sunday, January 08, 2017

268th Post

First week of work for 2017, it was awful. Work load is increasing and never ends. Few colleagues started to ask about my treat meal for them after they know about my new job position. I do not know why this type of culture happens in everywhere. Human are greed. Hopefully the next 357 days will be better for me. 

Here we are
Riding the sky
Painting the night with sun
You and I, Mirrors of light
Twin flames of fire
Lit in another time and place

Monday, January 02, 2017

First Post for 2017

I neglected my blog again. There were a lot of things happened for the past few months ago. I had a good pre-birthday celebration with two of my unimates on last October, who share the same birthday with me. Same birthday, same year, same university, same home country. We had fate meet up in Red Dot again. I hope we can do it again on next year. I celebrated my birthday alone for the first time in the Red Dot. I did not tell anyone about it. Loneliness was tough, but I managed it well.

From left, civil, electrical & mechanical engineers.

I was fortunate that I was selected for the scheme and traveled to London alone for the first time on last November. 14 hours direct flight is not easy. I was sat at the window seat and it was not convenient for me to go out for a walk, Nevertheless, it was my first ride on A380. Smooth journey and less noise. Reached London too early. I managed to visit few of the famous places. The weather was chilling but polluted. I had jet lag and I could not sleep well. I looked like a zombie. I was excited when I visit the institution headquarters and meet the other members. I need to improve my communication skill. They talked like 'Wow'.  I think I let the pictures below to show how I felt there. 4 days and 2 nights in London. Hehe..

The Big Bird, A380

The famous Tube

The Big Ben

The Mall

The Buckingham Palace

The British Museum, a must place to visit

The Chinatown

The biggest M&M's World

Burger & Lobsters famous dish

Rasa Sayang~

The London City Hall & Tower Bridge

The Tower of London


The Westminster Abbey

ICE at One Great George Street

The President's speech

When I back from the trip, few of my colleagues keep teasing me that I will get promotion soon. They keep saying till December. Actually I dislike it. Human tongue is poisonous. I wish to stitch their mouth if I can. Haha! I  Last month I was a bit busy with works and I scolded the contractors until they do not dare to call me. Should I continue with this way? Hardly to meet friends nowadays when I back to my hometown. Most of them are busy. It is better to spend more time with family. Christmas 2016 was a wonderful time for me. I managed to spend my time family and welcome my new family member before I go back to the Red Dot. 

As for the new year countdown, I went back to the same spot to watch the fireworks alone. Mesmerised...

Have a blessed New Year 2017. Hopefully I can make it through..

Saturday, September 24, 2016

266th Post

Recently, I applied for the an apprentice scheme. I received the phone interview. I thought I screwed it up because the interviewer's English accent was too thick and I keep saying 'I big your pardon'. Furthermore I could not answered the questions well. Until last Monday, I received an email and I was selected by them. I am 1 of  the 6 new apprentices, out of so many applicants. I feel so happy for it! I cannot wait to go there soon!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

265th Post

Where is your girlfriend?

Why you have no girlfriend?

How come you are so choosy?

When you want to get a new girlfriend?

What? You do not have a girlfriend before? Are you gay?

It seems like getting more people concern about my single status. Sometimes, I do not know how to answer these 5 'W' questions. Anyhow, I would like to thank for your concern. I am still alright with my current situation although got few problems on work and I have to face an exam soon. My pressure level is increasing. I found few solutions for it and I hope it is working. This year seems like a good year for marriage proposal. So far, I saw 5 friends proposed to their partner. I wish them a wonderful life ahead and I hope I would not receive the 5 'W' questions again during the wedding reception. Haha... I hope you have a good start tomorrow.

We gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn!

P/S: This is the song that I always sing out loud when I face pressure. This is one of my solutions. Haha!

Monday, August 08, 2016

264th Post

My mood swings like the weather recently. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The work flow progress was not that smooth. So many problems need to solve. Luckily, I got a long weekend to rest. When I posted pictures where I had been in my hometown, few of my friends asked me why I did not tell them that I am back and find them for a meet up. Let me ask you a question back. Why should I tell you that I am coming back? Readers may think that I am arrogant but I would like to say that if a friend who really want to meet me, it is better for him/her to ask me when I will be coming back and arrange the time to meet up instead of I use a hailer and shout that 'I am coming back!'. It is more sincere. The holiday is going to end soon. I hope I got sufficient strength to move forward.

The Hailer Keeper